Information Technology

Trasun (Dalian) Technology Development Co., Ltd. established in 2007 is subordinate to Trawind Shipping Logistics Co., Ltd.
We have been devoted to development and operation maintenance of domestic, international container shipping logistics business platform, bulk cargos & sundry goods shipping logistics business platform, chartering freight forwarding business platform, ship service platform and enterprise-level operation management platform for a long time. At present, we are focusing on constructing the supply chain of container, bulk cargos & sundry goods and its financial operation management platform, smart whole-process logistics big data control platform. Meanwhile, we also invest science and technology projects in the fields related to incubation. With a view to the future, Trasun (Dalian) Technology Development Co., Ltd. will provide customers with more services through informatization.

  • Shipping Logistics System R&D
    Our R&D team has more than ten years of domestic and international experience in development of the operating system of logistics business management. We have successively developed following products: “domestic shipping logistics business operating platform system” (covering the containers, bulk cargos and sundry goods shipping logistics business, shipping lines, ship management, container management, commerce, finance (connection), documents, performance, office, WeChat, scheduling, site, payment management, etc.), “international shipping logistics business operating platform system” (covering international chartering, freight forwarding, liner route, ship management, crew management and shipping business) and “functional management platform system” at the shipping logistics enterprise level (covering human resources, performance management, administrative legal affairs and assets management, etc.).

  • Supply Chain Platform Development
    Built on the new technologies such as “cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, Mobil Internet and smart city”, we deeply develop the shipping logistics internet management platform and have constructed and applied “domestic shipping logistics operation and management SaaS platform”(covering CRM management, land transportation management, shipping space booking, major customer logistics management (connection), land transportation control (visualization),,,, WeChat accounts of container logistics, shipping, land transportation and sundry goods shipping) to provide upstream and downstream logistics enterprises with efficient services currently. We are developing the supply chain management and supply chain financial platform for steel, grain and mineral powder now to provide more convenient and accurate information management services for the industry in the future.

  • IT Management and Consultation for Shipping Logist
    With devotion in the field of shipping logistics, profound understanding of shipping logistics industry and abundant successful information management experience accumulated, we can provide professional overall consultation solutions and technical service for shipping logistics information management, and provide customers with accurate technical services of logistic information and smart management in sub-fields and provide information consultation and technical services for transformation and upgrading of traditional logistical enterprises through the constructed domestic and international technical service platforms of shipping logistics and supply chain.