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Domestic Break bulk shipping logistics
  • Break Bulk Shipping Logistics

    Bulk cargo logistics is one of the traditional advantageous business segments of Trawind.

    We provide customers with professional one-stop logistics solution in bulk cargo logistics involving steel, grain, coals and building materials ect, and provide the services of changing bulk transportation to containerized transportation.

    Over the years, the annual total freight volume of TRAWIND of domestic bulk cargo has maintained a steady growth momentum and has always ranked at the top in Yingkou Port.

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  • Main Business
    >> Steel Logistics
    Capable of providing PTP direct sailing service for both steel enterprises and steel traders either partly or fully loaded. Acting as the nominated logistics supplier for several prestigious steel companies in China. Operating river routes for steel cargo which origins from NE China/Hebei province area to national wide area through China main ports or transit ports by DWT varies from 5,000MT to 20,000 MT vessels.

    >> Grain Logistics

    Undertake grain transportation business from Northeast to East China, Shandong Province and other regions. Provide grain production enterprises and grain trading enterprises with full-process logistics services such as river-ocean combined transportation to ensure the safety and timeliness of grain transportation. Providing additional services like cargo receiving at port and DOC. handling.

    >> Coal Logistics

    Undertake coal transportation business in various ports national wide. Shipping routes: Bohai Bay Route, North-Jiangsu-Zhejiang Route, Zhoushan – Yangtze River Route, Rizhao Southward Route, Shandong Peninsula - Bohai Bay Route, etc .; Controlling most shipping resources in the market for vessel DWT varies 5,000MT to 60,000 MT to match-up cargo readiness & vessel laycan best.

    >> Construction Material Logistics

    By integrating resourceful suppliers such as steelworks, docks, and mines, we provide customers with logistics & procurement agency services for materials like sand, gravel, and water slag powder. 5,000-60,000 tons of transportation capacity, Door-to-door integrated service ( bulk shipping & land transportation for both end & barge ). Carrying range: major ports national wide.

    >> Shipping Agency Business

    We undertake the shipping agency business for main ports in Circum-Bohai Sea Region.
    We have more than 30 ships under fixed operation, have the shipping capacity of 5000-60000 tons and adopt various chartering modes, such as bareboat chartering, time chartering and continuous chartering of voyages. The combined transportation mode can simultaneously meet the transportation of bulk cargos and sundry goods or bulk cargos and containers in the same ship, to maximum the interests of shipowners and customers.

    >> Bulk to container logistics

    The bulk & container transform logistics service is suitable for the rapid operation of small batches of high-value goods.
    Rely on Trawind's own container liner service network, the service outlets cover more than 49 ports in various coastal areas of the country; With a highly flexible ship deployment capability to meet customers' various transportation needs. At present, with Yingkou Bayuquan as the basic port, domestic coastal container liner direct routes have achieved full coverage of all domestic coastal provinces.
    Flat rack container: suitable for coiled goods;
    Half-height container: suitable for long cargo;
    General container: suitable for cold rolled goods.

    >> Customized Services

    Design customized logistics solutions for customers.
    Come up with the best ship configuration, transportation routes, transportation means, etc. and solve all kinds of problems in the door-to-door logistics process according to the actual customers needs
    Professional service team for key account, efficient logistics management process, capable for full process / partial process customization service.
    No category and transportation methods limitation for customized services, and highly-matched shipping capacity, which can save customers transportation costs to the greatest extent and create competitive advantages.

  • Port security and Safty

    >> Port security and Safty

    We select the most efficient transportation mode, route and carrier according tocustomers’ transportation demands and goods properties and establish the mostreasonable customized shipping logistics solution; maximize the comprehensiveefficiency of logistics through road transportation, railway transportation, bargetransportation and multimodal transportation, etc.; provide supporting servicessuch as shipping agency, cargos handling at port, loading and unloadingsupervision and binding; have established the special project team to track andtake charge of goods in the whole process, and timely solve various emergencies of shipping to create greater value for customers.

    >> Cargos Handling at Port, Loading and Unload Supervision

    With scientific and efficient management, abundant actual experience andprofessional stowage and loading supervision personnel, we can timely handlerelevant matters for customers during the period that the ships stay at the portsand we can undertake business such as ship loading supervision, unloadingsupervision, cargos concentration in port and cargos handling to ensure the cargosloading &unloading speed and quality.

    >> Binding Business
    We have scientific management system, high-quality professional technicians,advanced binding tools and superior electrogas welding equipment; mainly undertakebinding business for heavy equipment, steel and container, etc. and also provideservices like ship supplies, living goods supply, ship wastes recovery, goodsbinding, goods packaging and electrogas welding. The annual binding quantity ofsteel exceeds 2.5 million tons, and the annual binding quantity of equipmentexceeds 130 thousand square meters.

  • Internet Platform

    “Tradwind Domestic Bulk Cargo & Sundry Goods” WeChat platform is the specialmobile service platform for bulk cargo and sundry goods business. The customerscan intelligently query the dynamic conditions of freight and timely master thefreight information in the whole process through following and binding the WeChatOfficial Account “Tradwind Domestic Bulk Cargo & Sundry Goods”, to strengthenthe information timeliness and control capability. Meanwhile, “Tradwind Domestic Bulk Cargo & Sundry Goods” WeChat platform also provides services like portmeteorology, marine meteorology, dynamic query of shipping date, query of pre-deployment list, dynamic query of barge and land transportation and query ofcargos concentration progress, etc., providing more convenient and efficient shipping experience for customers.