International Shipping Logistics

Main businesses include: Vessel operation; Break bulk liner and tramp service between China and Korea, Japan, Russia & South East Asia; Containerized cargo logistics services between China and Korea, Japan, Russia area; Coal, iron ore and other bulk cargo chartering business in the Pacific and Indian Ocean Regions; Door to door service for projects; Comprehensive logistics services in the fields of steel, grain, fertilizer, monosodium glutamate and feed etc. 

  • Vessel Operation
    A fleet of 10+ self-owned and TC vessels.
    Service Area: mainly operates in CJK, Russian Far-east and SE Asia.
    Vessel type: mainly from DWT 3,000 MT to DWT 30,000 MT.

  • Outbound Break Bulk Liner Service
    >>Break Bulk Liner Service in CJK, Russian Far-East

    Service Area: North China port - Korea / Japan / Russian Far-east.
    Vessel type: DWT 3,000 MT to DWT 20,000 MT.
    Voyages: 30-40 voyages per month.

    Break Bulk Liner Service in SE Asia

    Service Area: North China port - SE Asia(Hong Kong / Taiwan / Vietnam / Thailand, etc. )
    Vessel type: DWT 30,000 MT to DWT 60,000 MT.
    Voyages: 3-6 voyages per month.

  • Tramp Service of Break Bulk Cargo
    >>CJK / Russian Far-east

    The chartering business covering the areas of China, Japan, Korea and Far-East of Russia.
    Vessel DWT: 2,000 MT to 35,000 MT.
    Cargo types: Coal, steel products, fertilizer, non-lliferous minerals, feed, equipment, etc.

    >>SE Asia

    The chartering business covering the areas of China, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, India, etc.
    Vessel DWT: 12,000 MT to 55,000 MT.
    Cargo types: Steel products, equipment, fertilizer, etc.

  • Bulk Cargo Logistics
    Supported by own fleet, shipping routes and time charter capacity, we provide bulk cargo chartering service for various types of bulk cargo, such as coal, agricultural products, ore products, etc.
    Business area: Pacific and Indian Ocean region ( including Far-East of Russia, Australia, Southeast Asia, India, etc. )
    Vessel type: Handymax to Panamax ship, DWT 30,000 MT to 60,000 MT.

  • Project Logistics
    Door to door deliveries for project cargo.
    Project logistics service covers areas of SE Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and America, etc.
    Projects we handled: Indonesia Dairi Project/ Baimskaya copper project (NFC), MMK coke oven project (SINOSTEEL), Pakistan DG project/ UAE UCC project (SINOMA), Siemens wind power bearing project of the United States/ Denmark/ Spain (ZWZ Bearings), Bangladesh Rupsha 800MW Combined Cycle Power Plant Project (SHANGHAI ELECTRIC), etc.

  • Product Logistics
    Wide coverage of various vertical business including steel, grain, fertilizer, MSG, feed, etc.
    Customized logistics solution in accordance with client’s trade demand to realize a much higher shipping efficiency and stability.