Investment Management
We provide enterprises and investors with high-quality value-insured and value-added services according to the current economic and market situation.
According to the requirements of enterprise strategy, we carry out capital operation and project investment, further optimize the enterprise strategy layout, strengthen the enterprise’s competition position in the market and enhance the enterprise value built on the enterprise’s long-term development goals.

  • Development Investment
    >>Tenet: To provide enterprises and investors with value-insured and value-added services.

    The capital operation team gives play to professional investment management experience to provide enterprises and investors with high-quality value-insured and value-added services and steadily lay solid foundation for establishment of brand and reputation.

  • Strategic Investment
    >>Tenet: To provide enterprises with overall development strategy services.

    Built on the enterprise’s current asset structure and resources configuration optimized, the strategic layout of enterprise development will be better achieved. We will focus on investing target enterprises with potential and high growth. Through project investment, we participate at the operation management and supervision of invested enterprises to jointly improve the risk prevention & control capability; we also carry out industrial investment in shipping logistics industry, such as venture capital investment and reshuffle of the enterprise, as well as equity investment in the related fields.

  • Financial Investment
    >>Tenet: To optimize the investment structure and capital allocation, innovate the investment channel, add profit points for the enterprise and maximize the revenue.
    We are devoted to becoming a standard, procedural and patterned operation project and seeking higher capital utilization efficiency and marginal benefit to find new growth opportunities and pattern for the enterprise profiting.