International Shipping Logistics
Domestic Full truck load logistics
  • Full Truck Load Logistics

    The Full Truck Load Logistics is an emerging business segment of Trawind, one of the first 283 pilot enterprises of non-truck operating common carrier (NTOCC) in China.

    Trawind is committed to introducing individual trucks to join us to create the "Super Fleet" business model, providing cost-effective transportation services with a high performance rate for enterprise customers and helping them reduce costs and increase efficiency. We provide stable cargo sources for trucks, reduce the rate of empty driving, and promote the operation efficiency of the road freight industry.

    The platform owns 73,000 cooperative vehicles, with the transportation scope covering the entire of China. We have the operational capability of "quotation within 30min, acceptance for carriage next day, 7*24h whole-process service, and visual tracking in transit", ensuring the safe delivery of each order. We have cooperated with more than 300 consignor enterprises, with the cargo sources covering major regions of China and stable circulating cargo sources of vehicles, and we have established dozens of stable and circulating lines, which can be highly matched and run efficiently according to the conditions of cargo sources.

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  • Vehicle Transportation (VTS)

    Trawind provides customers with nationwide vehicle transportation services featuring multiple models (rack-type wagons, platform trailers, vans, and container trucks) and multiple categories (general cargo, cold chain, and tank container) and two pricing modes, namely, fixed pricing and market pricing. We mainly serve customers in the agriculture, bulk commodity, chemical, and refrigeration industries for vehicle transportation on national trunk lines. In addition, we can utilize our Trawind's contracted resources of 40-foot ordinary high cube containers, refrigerator containers, and 15,000 container trailers nationwide to provide customers with customized one-way and round-trip contract transportation services.

  • Platform Business (PBS)

    We offer customers integrated solutions for networked freight transportation, transportation dispatching management, freight settlement, and post-transportation services, and help customers reduce costs and increase efficiency, mainly serving third-party logistics (3PL) and bulk commodity supply chain enterprises.