Shipping Management
Established in 2004, Trawind fleet management company provides services including vessel operation and vessel investment. Attributed to professional staff and advanced IT platform,  we come up with a sound management system and operation procedure; By far, there are totally 23 self-owned vessels under management.

  • Technical Management

    Technical management consists of ship classification maintenance, ship technology management, ship equipment maintenance and repair; procurement of spare parts and materials; supervision of new ship building; communication with maritime authorities and classification societies; internal technical support for Trawind.

    Technical management team is composed of ocean-going chief engineers, who have worked in the shipping industry for 25 years on average. They have rich knowledge and practical experience in marine engineering management and a high level of professional proficiency to satisfy the needs of domestic and foreign shipowners.

    Through the management of spare parts, materials, ship repair and oil energy consumption monitoring, the navigation safety of ships can be fully guaranteed, and the occurrence of marine pollution and accidents can be prevented; moreover, the production efficiency of ships can be ensured, the seaworthiness of ships can be improved, and the unplanned suspension and security check detention caused by management factors can be reduced; the production and operation costs can be thus effectively controlled to ensure the maximum interests of shipowners.

  • Marine Management

    Marine management involves the collection of information on weather, sea conditions, navigation channels and ports, and provision of shore-d support; the monitoring of and the guidance against typhoons and other severe weather; the monitoring of ship stowing, cargo storage and handling operations, transport operations of dangerous and cargoes that may liquefy; ship safety inspection; marine navigator recruitment; on-the-job training for marine navigators; the formulation of annual plans for ship-shore joint emergency drills and the organization of the implementation thereof.

    The marine management team guides the safety work according to the standards of world-class shipping enterprises, focusing on solving difficult problems such as ship collision prevention and strengthening PSC management.

  • SMS Management

    The Company has obtained Document of Compliance (DOC) issued by Maritime Safety Administration of the People’s Republic of China and classification societies. The state flags under its management include China, Panama, Belize and Liberia and the vessel types under its management are dry bulk carriers, Muti-purpose ship and container ship.

    In strict accordance with the requirements of superior authorities, the Company carries out company audit, ship audit, company and ship annual training plan formulation and implementation, external document receiving, distribution and recovery.

  • Crew Management

    Crew management is committed to developing self-owned crew team, improving the overall quality and level of the crew, and striving to establish a stable, efficient, skilled and dedicated high-quality crew team to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers for ship manning.

    With a certificate of Seamen Employment Agency issued by the Maritime Safety Administration, the Company offers such positions as deployment supervisor, training supervisor, certificate supervisor. Through the recruitment, training and guidance of seamen, the Company provides high-quality people-oriented service for seamen.

    At present, the crew team is composed of more than 1,000 members.

  • Sustainability

    Our team has been deeply engaged in the industry for nearly 20 years, and has formed large-scale ship management business operations through new building, cooperative purchase, escrow and bareboat charter management.

    Trawind has formed a stable cooperation network with shipowners, brokers and shipping logistics companies at home and abroad, able to accurately analyze and judge the industry development trend and market changes, seize the opportunity to purchase or build new ships, and ensure the rationality and competitiveness of ship types.

  • Shipping Management Information Technology

    The Company attaches great importance to the establishment of ship information management system, thus integrates the current standard ship management experience and methods with Trawind ship management practices to build an information management platform with information digitization. Through the ship management information platform, the Company has realized the ship management big data exchange and integration, and formed a single ship query list. The basic information, voyage, ship manning, voyage consumption, cost/schedule, efficiency measurement, energy consumption and maintenance and monitoring data of the current vessels are converted into data support for ship management business research and analysis in real time, to maximally share intangible resources such as methods, standards, knowledge and experience in the information system and maximize the utilization efficiency of tangible resources such as man, finance and materials.

    Thus far, the Trawind ship management information system has completed ship-to-shore information synchronous operation of 12 modules—Basic Data, Certificate Management, Cost Management, Crew Management, Technical Management, Repair Management, Lubricating Oil Management, Operation Management, Spare Parts Management, Marine Management, Insurance Management and Online Management. The Company has thus achieved the management goal of process-d ship management, platform data unification, data interface standardization. The Company is at the forefront of Chinese large private enterprises in the same industry in terms of basic ship management and information management level.