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Domestic Container shipping logistics
  • Container Shipping Logistics

    In container logistics segment, we are specialized in providing customers with professional ,customized and door-to-door container transportation services and full supply chain services integrating “ procurement, transportation, storage, sale”Service network covering major ports in coastal & river areas all over of China, we help customers improve freight efficiency & safety and reduce financial pressure through the integration of our advantageous resources in shipping, land transportation ,railway, warehouse, and reliable cash-flow ect.

    Over the years, we maintained a steady container outbound record of above 1.2 million TEU, ranking the second in Yingkou Port.

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  • Sea Freight
    Domestic container capacity around 1.1 million tons, ranking the fourth nationwide and the second in Northeast China.
    With around 300 self-operated and cooperated feeder vessels in the Yangtze River and Pearl River, we have extended our transportation services to the major inland ports.
    The container liner department operating 60 container liner routes, network covering more than 120 coastal ports, direct sailing service with Yingkou Bayuquan as the basic port has achieved full coverage of all domestic coastal provinces.

  • Road Transportation

    Our vehicle resources cover more than 50 ports in China; we have more than 500 long-term cooperation vehicles; we can freely deploy more than 10000 vehicles.

    We have 60 self-owned container liner routes, providing sufficient goods source guarantee for door-to-door transportation; we can achieve goods loading back and forth at the logistics section to remarkably reduce the transportation costs.

    With advanced technical means, we timely and effectively feed back the dynamic conditions of goods at each node; provide 7*24-hour standard land transportation services; achieve electronic sign-in and on-line reorder.

  • Railway

    At present, Trawind has cooperated with China Railway Harbin Bureau, Shenyang Bureau, Jinan Bureau, Shandong Jingbo Logistics, etc. and has opened several railway freight trains such as "HeilongjiangSuihua-Yingkou Port", "Shandong Boxing/Zibo Nanding/Zibo Zichuan-Qingdao Dagang" , allowing congregation of goods in 24 hours.

    Trawind has also cooperated with Shenhua Railway to open the "Inner Mongolia Dongsheng Aobaogou/Dongsheng Southern Suburb-Tianjin Port/Huanghua Port" railway freight trains, allowing congregation of goods in 36 hours.

  • Self-owned CY
    Trawind Fantun Railway Station is located in Bayuquan District (Ansteel Logistics Park) of Yingkou City, Liaoning Province. It covers an area of 60,000 square meters and is close to Yingkou Port, which has obvious regional advantages.
    Three special railway lines with a total length of 2500 meters; 5000 TEU container locations, capable of staking 5 s heavy container with totally 5,000 heavy containers storage capability. The designed annual throughput is 500,000 TEU. Capable of deploying ships according to customer needs, and meet customer demand for non-flow cargo storage.

  • Cold Chain Transportation
    Trawind cold chain transportation services mainly cary fruits, flowers, vegetables, fresh meat, seafood and other goods. With professional teams, advanced technology and intact refrigerated containers, the different temperature requirements of the goods are guaranteed and the goods are safely transported with the best cold chain transportation service.

  • Procurement Agency

    Our grain (corn) procurement and sales business is focused on the Northeast China corn producing area. Relying on the advantageous resources of TRAWIND, we provide customers with perfect one-stop, customized services covering corn procurement, warehousing, logistics, sales and distribution to meet the door-to-door transportation demand.

    We help customers improve the quality and transportation efficiency of corn, develop a stronger competitive advantages and comprehensively reduce the total cost of the full supply chain of corn procurement, transportation, storage and sale through our professional procurement team, well-established information channels of grain sources, rigorous site inspection and quality inspection systems, diversified transportation modes.

  • Project Logistics
    >> Project Establishment
    Our team continuously deepens the understanding of the industry in the long-term operation practice. We establish special project team according to the customer’s transportation demands and goods properties to track and take charge in the whole process.

    >> Scheme Formulation

    Built on our strong service network and land, railway and shipping transportation capacity, we customize the best transportation solutions for customers and select the most efficient transportation mode and route.

    >> Project Implementation

    Utilizing our two platforms, we provide the standard process services and adopt the advanced information technology to make the logistics visualized in the whole process meet customers’ diversified, individualized and timely, accurate service demands in different industries.

    >> Project Completion
    We realize the collaborative integration and efficient operation from project establishment, scheme formulation to project implementation, not only meeting customers’ diversified, individualized and timely, accurate service demands in different industries but also reducing costs and improving the efficiency for customers.

  • Network Business Platform
    >> “”
    “” is our specialized on-line booking service platform. We change the traditional offline booking mode, efficiently combine the shipping logistics operation procedure with the internet information technology, improve the service quality and user booking experience with technology and make the booking simpler, more convenient and efficient.
    “” can realize functions of “online booking”, “online insurance”, “online vehicle booking”, “freight tracking” and “online payment”, providing customers with better online booking service. Thereby, customers book the shipping space more conveniently, track the dynamic conditions of shipment more timely and grasp the business information more comprehensively and effectively.

    >> “Tradwind Container Shipping” WeChat Platform
    “Tradwind Container Shipping” WeChat platform is the mobile freight tracking service platform. The booking customers can intelligently query the dynamic conditions of freight and master the freight information in the whole process through following and binding the WeChat Official Account “Tradwind Container Shipping”, to greatly increase office efficiency and control capability, enhance the industrial competitiveness and create greater value.
    The platform provides information such as quotation, contract, loading, goods concentration in port, vessel departure, vessel arrival, barge pre-deployment, barge arrival, goods pre-sending, actual goods delivery and overdue prompt and realizes shipping schedule query, query of containers quantity on the berth in the yard, query of non-arrival loaded containers quantity, query of non-delivery arrival containers quantity, container detention charge query, insurance processing progress query, bill query and contract signing state query on the mobile terminal.